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Fee Payments

The course fee in the brochure is the amount payable at enrolment. However, on some courses there may be an additional fee to cover materials or examination fees and you will be advised of these at enrolment. You can pay your course fees by cash, cheque, debit or credit card. All cheques should be made payable to Birmingham Metropolitan College.   If your employer is paying your fees you should bring a letter from them stating this fact when you come to enrol.

You will need to bring the following documents with you to enrolment:

  • Benefit/Household Income documents –if you are applying for financial support
  • Exam certificates and/or results slip- If you are 16-18 years old
  • Payment/Bank Details - if you will be making a payment or paying by instalments.

We don’t need to see any general ID documentation at enrolment, however if you have not lived in the UK for the last three years we will need to see supporting documentation confirming you are eligible for funding.

If you are an Asylum Seeker, Refugee or have a Study Visa or any other Visa Type covering your time in the UK please bring this documentation with you to enrolment.

How to pay by Instalments

You can pay by instalments if your course fee is above £150.00 and your course is longer than 12 weeks. This includes any remaining balance due following part sponsorship by an employer. There are two types of instalment payments, one for courses between 12-18 weeks and one for courses longer than 18 weeks.  See below for payment schedules:

Five Part Payment Plan (Payments by Direct Debit)

If the student’s course fees were £180.00 for a course running for 34 weeks then their instalments would be:

Payment At Enrolment£36.00
1st March£36.00
1st April£36.00
1st May£36.00
1st June £36.00

Two Part Payment Plan (Payments by Direct Debit)

If a student’s course fees were £150.00 for a course running for 12 weeks then their instalments would be:

At Enrolment£75.00
1st March £75.00

All students paying in instalments must pay by Direct Debit. They can do this by completing and signing a Direct Debit mandate and an Instalment Agreement.  The first instalment must be paid at enrolment (by Cash, Credit Card or Cheque), and the remaining instalments will then be taken from the student’s bank account on the indicated dates.

Studying Whilst Claiming Benefits

A number of our courses offer discounts for those unemployed on active benefits. If you are claiming discounted fees, you must enrol in person and bring evidence of your eligibility. Administration fees do not apply to students claiming benefits.

Course Prices

As our course prices are related to Government funding, there may be changes to costs and eligibility. You will be told the most recent course price during enrolment, but please be aware that any price amendments are out of our control.

Where the duration of the course exceeds one year only the first year of fees is shown.

Financial Support for Students Aged 24+

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